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The ”Limousine Cooking” is a land cooking, preparing what nature gives in abundance: fishes, mushrooms, fruit, vegetables, games and livestock farming.

About livestock we can mention the lamb and the robust and rustic limousine cow, well known for the quality of its meat. But let’s not forget the traditional goose and duck farm which give high quality products like foie gras, duck filet… celebrated every year in Brives during “the Fatty Fairs” .


Passing through Brive, you will also taste “the violet mustard” already very much appreciated by the Pope Clement 4 “the Magnificent”. To be savoured without moderation with black blood sausages or with fried duck filets all that washed down with a glass of “Branceilles Wine”.

Being close to Auvergne, you will discover a few of their best cheeses; to be mentioned: The Cantal, the Salers, the Saint-Nectaire, The Blue of Auvergne and The Fourme d’Ambert.

The region, you are in, is full of different and delicious goat cheeses, from the freshest ones to the most refined ones or the “ashed” ones and other “cabecous”

Should you appreciate salt meats, dries sausages or country ham, you will find everything to satisfy your taste buds in the centre of Mont Dore.

Let’s finish by saying a word about all the sweets you will find around the nuts and the chestnuts without forgetting oil nut, a speciality of the region, and the Quinquinnoix, a fantastic nut brandy.

All these delicious products are to be found on the very numerous producers markets, regularly held during the summery period. We will have great pleasure in giving you all information about everything.

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