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You can appreciate Correze but not only in summer, don’t hesitate to pay us a visit and you will be able to discover it under the spell of the other seasons.
In Autumn :You will be won over by the diversity of colours and shades offered by the nature. Yellow, red, orange and brown altogether. Come, sit and enjoy the open fire in the chimney corner eating the roasted chestnuts you will have picked up during your rambles in the forests. In the morning, after breakfast, start through woods and meadows looking for ceps and chanterelles and in the evening, back to the cottage, in the cosy warmth of the hearth, enjoy a delicious frying pan full of mushrooms you will have picked up and found in abundance during the right season.
From end of September to mid October, we can indicate you the places where you will hear the red deer belling …without disturbing him.
The accordion lovers will live unforgettable moments and won’t miss ‘the Pearly Nights’ in Tulle in the beginning of September.

If you are in love of pictures and nature, any season will enable you to exercise your favourite activities.

In Winter : From the cottage, you can see ‘The Massif of the Sancy’ and if you want to taste the snow, after 1h30 by car, you will reach the foot of “Mont Dore” and put your skis on!

In the neighbouring ways, you will walk in an immaculate snow.

Spring is very beautiful, the whole nature awakes, the buds bloom and a lot birds sing and fly. Trees and meadows are covered of tender green. Everything invites you to walk.
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