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Further on in the region, other sport activities are offered to you.

Water, you find everywhere in Correze, will invite you to practise activities such as:

  • fishing in rivers or lakes,
  • Sailing on a gabarre, a traditional ship used in the past to transport goods along the Dodogne River.
  • canoe-kayak

Quite a lot of possibilities for walking, horse riding or mountain biking offer you opportunities to discover the rich and welcoming nature of Correze: the paradise for hikers.
Roads and ways across forests and moors will enable you to visit picturesque villages, remains of the past. You will go through the Gorges of the Dordogne which offer a major ecological interest concerning wildlife and flora.


A sweet climate and well-adapted sites enable hot-air balloon trips, paragliding, hang-glider and ULM in the Dordogne valley and in the massif of the Monédières.

Other activities are also possible: climbing, golf and adventure parks.

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