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Collonges the Red: One of the most beautiful villages in France. This village made of red sandstone appeals by the exceptional quality of its architecture.
Turenne and its castle: The remains of this feodal castle situated on a rocky spur dominate an exceptional panorama on the Dodogne valley and the Cantal mounts.



Tulle is on the bank of the river Corrèze and its tributaries, surrounded by 7 hills. Tullé is the prefecture of Corrèze but also the capital of lace and accordion. Walking along its maze of lanes, backstreets and stairs, you will discover some museums and the Notre-Dame Cathedral which has one of the most beautiful bell towers in France
Beaulieu on the Dordogne: Medieval city built on the right bank of the river Dordogne. Beaulieu was nicknamed ‘the Limousine Riviera’ thanks to the sweetness of its climate favourable to strawberry cultivation.



Bort les Orgues and its weir: This was the first water retain in France, don’t miss its unforgettable point of view considered as the best observatory to look at Auvergne.
The Xaintrie and the towers of Merle: Medieval citadel dating from the 11th century, overhanging the Maronne, situated at the borders of the Limousin, of the Aquitaine and of the Auvergne.



The Castle of Val: built in the 15th century, Val is one the best kept castles and one of the most remarkable ones in High Auvergne. Every year, the second floor is reserved for expositions of the works of the most famous contemporary painters.
The peat bog of the Longeyroux; because of its area, the variety of its flora and of its wildlife and of its unusual landscapes, this peat bog is one of the natural finials of the Millevaches plateau.
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