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The Castle of Sédières in Clergoux dated from the 15th and 16th centuries, well-known for its musical festivals and its expositions.
The museum of the President in Sarran shows the presents offered to The President of the Republic, Jacques Chirac when he was in function, from 1995 to 2007. Even the kids will find interest in it.



The Viaduct of the Black Rocks” in Lapleau. A suspension bridge of a very modern technique referring to beginning of the last century. Don’t hesitate to go and admire it…even if the path is forbidden.
The Puy of Sarran and its wide view on the Auvergne mounts.



The Waterfalls of Gimel. One of the most beautiful natural sites of the department of a total height of 143m. A signposted path enables you to admire very closely the power of these unforgettable falls.
Argentat is a little medieval town with its picturesque wharfs, laid with cobblestones like in the past and lined with old houses with turrets. From these wharfs the gabarres could sail out, loaded with wood, leather and oil.
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